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Flight Training Resources & Links

Aircraft Checkout & Review Blank Form
Aircraft Checkout & Review N5283R
Aircraft Checkout & Review N8911V
Aircraft Checklist N5283R
Aircraft Preflight Checklist C172M
Aircraft Rental Policy
Cessna 172M POH
Lycoming Engine Training
Weight & Balance C172 N5283R
Weight & Balance C172 N8911V


Aeronautical Chart User's Guide
Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
Aircraft Flash Cards
Aircraft Weight & Balance Handbook
Airplane Flying Handbook
Airport Signs & Markings
Airspace & Weather Information Chart
Airspace at a Glance Chart
ATC Light Signals Chart
Aviation Medical Examiners
Do the Right Thing: Decision Making
Different Types of Altitudes
FAR/AIM 2016
Federal Aviation Regulations - Part 61
Federal Aviation Regulations - Part 91
FAR/AIM Review Guide-Private/Commercial
Flight Review Checklist
Learn To Fly - eBook
Operations at Non-Towered Airports
Operations at Towered Airports
Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Pilot Logbook Recommendation
Private Pilot Knowledge Test Guide
Private Pilot Lesson Plans
Takeoffs and Landings Refresher
True Airspeed Calculator
Recreational & Sport Pilot Information
Runway Safety Flash Cards
Stall Speeds Increase with A/C Gross Weight
Student Pilot Guide

Private Pilot Oral Exam Video
Private Pilot Oral Exam w/Todd Shellnut
Private Pilot Checkride Guide
Private Pilot Checkride Procedures Guide
Private Pilot ACS (Airmen Certification Standards)
Private/Commercial Oral Questions
Private/Commercial Oral Exam Summary
Commercial Pilot ACS
Instrument Rating ACS
Learning Statement Reference Guide
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